Road recovery projects

Current at 14 June 2024

Sealed Roads - In Progress
Cordners Lane, Cornwallis 
Grono Farm Road, Wilberforce
Pitt Town Bottoms Road, Pitt Town Bottoms
Upper Colo Road, Upper Colo
Wheelbarrow Ridge Road, Colo Heights

Sealed Roads - Commencing Soon

Berger Road, South Windsor
Blackman Crescent, South Windsor
Chaseling Road North, Webbs Creek
Fairey Road, South Windsor - Scheduled to commence 1 July 2024
Francis Street, Richmond (Pughs Lagoon) - Scheduled to commence 27 June 2024
Grose River Road, Grose Wold - Scheduled to commence July 2024
McGrath Road, Vineyard 
Mileham Street, South Windsor
Nutmans Road, Grose Wold
Racecourse Road, South Windsor - Scheduled to commence July 2024 
Slopes Road, North Richmond - Scheduled to commence early July 2024
Stannix Park Road, Wilberforce
Stannix Park Lane, Wilberforce 
The Terrace, Windsor - Delayed until emergency repairs are completed at the sinkhole site
Valley Way, Tennyson
Webbs Creek Road, Webbs Creek (washout area) - Tender closed and evaluations are underway
West Portland Road, Lower Portland
Woods Road, South Windsor - Scheduled to commence early July 2024

Sealed Roads - In Planning (Funding Approved)

Andrew Thompson Drive, McGraths Hill
Argents Road, Wilberforce
Argyle Reach Road, Wilberforce
Ashtons Road, Grose Wold
Bandon Road, Vineyard 
Blacktown Road, Freemans Reach
Bowen Mountain Road, Bowen Mountain
Buckingham Street, Pitt Town
Castlereagh Road, Wilberforce
Chisholm Place, Windsor 
Colith Avenue, South Windsor
Commercial Road, Vineyard
Coromandel Road, Ebenezer
Crossley Avenue, McGraths Hill 
Crowleys Lane, Agnes Banks
Curtis Road, Vineyard
Drummond Street, South Windsor
Dungullin Way, East Kurrajong
East Kurrajong Road, East Kurrajong 
Fisher Road, Maraylya
Gorricks Lane, Freemans Reach
Hession Road, Maraylya
Irwins Road, Blaxlands Ridge
King Road, Wilberforce
Manns Road, Wilberforce
Max Street, Kurrajong Heights
Morilla Road, East Kurrajong 
Mulgrave Road, Mulgrave
Old East Kurrajong Road, Glossodia
Old Pitt Town Road, Oakville
Old Sackville Road, Wilberforce
Penruddock Street, South Windsor
Rickaby Street, South Windsor 
Ridges Lane, Richmond Lowlands
Rifle Range Road, Bligh Park
Riverside Drive, Webbs Creek
Roberts Creek Road, Blaxlands Ridge
Ross Street, Windsor
Sackville Road, Ebenezer 
Ski Lodge Road, Cumberland Reach
Smith Road, Oakville 
Stones Road, Ebenezer
Tennyson Road, Tennyson 
The Driftway, South Windsor
Tizzana Road, Ebenezer & Sackville
Turnbull Road, Wilberforce
Uworra Road, Wilberforce 
Webbs Creek Road, Wisemans Ferry
Whitmore Road, Maraylya
Willeroo Drive, Windsor Downs
Wimbow Place, South Windsor
Windsor Street, Richmond 
Wolseley Road, McGraths Hill
Wymarks Lane, Ebenezer 
Yarramundi Lane, Agnes Banks

Sealed Roads - Recently Completed

Cornwallis Road, Richmond Lowlands
Court Street, Windsor
Edwards Road, Richmond Lowlands
Greenfield Place, Maraylya 
Greenway Crescent, Windsor 
North Street, Windsor
Old Kurrajong Road, Richmond
Palmer Street, Windsor
Pamela Crescent, Bowen Mountain 
Pitt Town Dural Road, Pitt Town 
Railway Road South, Mulgrave
Reedy Road, Maraylya 
Schofield Road, Pitt Town 
Terrace Road, North Richmond
Walmsley Road, Lower Macdonald
Crown Roads - Funding Approved.

Funding approval has been granted and the tender process will soon commence. 
Please note that these roads are not owned or maintained by Council and therefore the TfNSW funding is approved for grading only, not a full road reconstruction.

Eternity TrailKaldow Lane - Scheduled to commence July 2024
Mahons Creek Road - Scheduled to commence July 2024Perry Road/Perry's Run
Rickaby Street (Clarendon)
Major Landslips Package 4a

All of these major landslips are now complete.

Chaseling Road North - CompletedGrono Farm Road - CompletedReedy Road - Completed
Tizzana Road - CompletedWollombi Road - Completed
Major Landslips Package 4b

Tender process underway

Major Landslips Package 4c

Eighteen slips to be divided into three separate projects.

Colo Heights Road - 1 location Crab Tree Gully Road - 1 locationSettlers Road - 3 locations
St Albans Road - 7 locationsUpper Macdonald Road - 6 locations 
Major Landslips Package 4d

Eight slips to be divided into two separate projects. Tender process currently underway.

Settlers Road - 2 locations St Albans Road - 2 locations Upper Macdonald Road - 4 locations
Minor Landslips Package 5

To date, 36 of 37 landslips have been completed.
The work on Sackville Road bridge has been delayed due to recent floods. The working platform is still saturated at the base of the access ramp and would not currently hold the weight of the 5T excavator. The site is constantly being monitored and as ground conditions permit, work will resume under the southern abutment.

Argents Road - completeBeaumont Avenue - completeCrab Tree Gully Road - complete
Greens Road - 2 of 2 locations completeLower Colo Road - 5 of 5 locations completeSackville Road - In progress
Settlers Road - 11 of 11 locations completeSt Albans Road - 7 of 7 locations completeTennyson Road - complete
Upper Colo Road - complete                                          Upper Macdonald Road - complete                                 Wheelbarrow Ridge Road - 2 of 2 locations complete
Wollombi Road - 4 of 4 locations complete
Capital Works
Greens Road, Lower Portland
Bend sealing and widening is currently underway. It is anticipated that work will be completed within 4 weeks, weather permitting.

Packer Road, Blaxlands Ridge
The Packer Road project has been approved to upgrade 3.5km of unsealed road including two coat seal wearing surface, gravel road, including improvements to the geometric alignment of the road and increase of pavement width.
Work commenced Monday 27 May 2024. It is anticipated that the construction program will be 9 months, weather permitting.

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