Community Recycling Centre

Community Recycling Centre

A Community Recycling Centre (CRC) funded by the EPA operates at Hawkesbury City Waste Management Facility. This is a FREE service to help residents safely dispose of household problem wastes which shouldn’t be put in kerbside bins:

You can drop off

Many of these materials can be reused and recycled if processed correctly. Recycling helps our environment because it saves water, energy and natural resources.

Only household quantities of the above materials will be accepted. As a guide a maximum container of 20 litres or 20 kilograms for each of the waste items listed above.

The Hawkesbury Community Recycling Centre is located at:

Hawkesbury City Waste Management Facility (HCWMF)
1 The Driftway, South Windsor 
Phone (02) 4560 4444
View location on Google Map

Opening 8am-4pm, 7 Days a week.
(Excluding Public holidays).

Chemical CleanOut Events: The safe way to dispose of potentially hazardous household chemicals like herbicides and pesticides, pool and hobby chemicals, poisons, acids and alkalis is at a Household Chemical CleanOut event. These events are free services held across NSW on specified dates.

Use Chemical CleanOut to safely dispose of household chemicals that could cause harm to human health and the environment if not disposed of correctly. Check dates and locations for Household Chemical CleanOut events.

Commercial Operators

Planet Ark’s Business Recycling Information ServiceThe Community Recycling Centre is only open to households. Commercial operators are not entitled to use this service. If you’re a business and need to dispose of problem wastes like the ones accepted at the Community Recycling Centre, you will need to search for companies and other drop off locations. For example, you can search via Planet Ark’s Business Recycling Information Service or use the drop down list below:

Commercial Operators Disposal Options

Paint: Free Disposal

For business needing to dispose of Paint you can use the national Paintback scheme which is a completely FREE service:

Paintback accepts a maximum of 100 litres in volume per visit. This must be carried in containers no larger than 20 litres. This is to ensure that Paintback collection sites are not overwhelmed by large volumes of waste paint quickly. The container size limit ensures safe manual handling of the paint from your vehicle at the collection point.

Toxfree St Marys
40 Christie Street, St Marys, NSW 2760
P: 1300 390 380
9am to 4pm Monday - Friday

Cleanaway Glendenning
8 Rayben Street, Glendenning, NSW 2761
P: 1300 390 380
9-1pm Monday - Friday

Gas Bottles: Charges apply

40 Christie St, St Marys
P: 1300 390 380

Motor Oils:

40 Christie St, St Marys
P: 1300 390 380

Car Batteries:

Super Cheap Auto
2 Curtis Road, Mulgrave
Repco Auto Parts
U/5a, 264-272 Windsor Rd, McGraths Hill

Storing and transporting your problem waste:

Please handle and transport your materials carefully and safely. Protect your vehicle by placing items on a protective sheet or tray in the boot to capture any leakages or breakages.

The CRC facilitates the reprocessing and reuse of these materials and prevents them from entering landfill. By sorting your waste and taking it to your local CRC, you will:

  • Help improve recycling rates;
  • Save water, energy and other valuable natural resources; and
  • Protect the environment.

Hawkesbury City Waste Management Facility

For information on the Hawkesbury City Waste Management Facility including the Entry Terms and Conditions please visit here.

For more information call us on (02) 4560 4444 or visit here.

This project is a NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative funded from the waste levy. Visit here.

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