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The Hawkesbury Community Nursery is predominantly a volunteer run nursery that propagates Hawkesbury Indigenous native plants.The Nursery is located at 10 Mulgrave Road, Mulgrave, next door to the Hawkesbury Companion Animal Shelter. The Nursery is open to the public on Wednesdays from 9am to 1pm or by appointment and on the 1st Saturday of the month from 9am to midday (excluding December and January) under COVID-Safe guidelines.

To ensure the safety of our staff and the community, these strict guidelines will apply;

  1. Social distancing, with a distance of 1.5 metres between yourself and others
  2. Maintain good hygiene for your own safety and the safety of others
  3. Wash your hands thoroughly or use hand sanitiser before you arrive and when you leave
  4. Stay home if you are sick and don’t expose others to illness
  5. Cashless payment, please

These above processes will enable residents to purchase plants from the nursery while complying with current health and safety directives.

These plants are sold at cost price, and are good quality, hardy plants.

There are over 130 different native plant species that the Hawkesbury Community Nursery has propagated. These range from trees, shrubs to groundcovers and suit a variety of situations in the Hawkesbury. These include creeks and riverbanks, paddocks and fence lines, home gardens and revegetation works in a variety of soil types. See the current list of available plants.

The plants can be used for a variety of purposes such as landscaping, erosion prevention, providing native animal habitat, and bushland restoration projects.

The nursery has a variety of facilities that include:

  • Greenhouse
  • Shade houses
  • Outside plant storage
  • Potting shed
  • Community Building

These facilities are accessible to community volunteers and provide a great free training facility for those interested in learning about their local flora and/or the nursery industry.

The Community Nursery Volunteers normally meet once a week on a Wednesday from 9am to 1pm however this is activity is currently suspended due to COVID-19. This webpage will be updated when these meetings are due to recommence.

To arrange a time to purchase plants after hours, or volunteer, please contact the Community Nursery Officer on (02) 4560 4651.

Community Nursery Day

All residents are invited to come to Council's weekly potting day at the Community Nursery.

Community Nursery days are currently suspended due to COVID-19. This webpage will be updated when these days are due to recommence.

As part of the Volunteer Program, The Hawkesbury Community Nursery is available for use by Hawkesbury residents to produce native plants for environmental restoration plantings, private gardens and for community projects like Bushcare, Landcare, School and Scout Groups. All schools in the Hawkesbury Local Government area get 4 free native plants (forestry tube size) of their choice every year from the Hawkesbury Community Nursery. Contact the Nursery Officer for more details.

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